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***** ACIM Class and Study Group *****

I host two free A Course in Miracles class and study group sessions on Sundays, one at 2 PM and another 8:30 PM Central time. You can attend either or both. If no one joins by 15 minutes after start time I end the session. The class is usually a question and answer format. However, I may have a topic to present at the start of a session, followed by question and answer on that or any other Course topic.

I record class sessions for text and audio publication (participants are not allowed to record in any format). You can see the Classes in A Course in Miracles series of books for text, and class recordings to purchase audio recordings. Periodically a class/study group is streamed here:

To join the class/group, simply join the DEBJ-NDC Discord server and log in during class time:


***** Ecsomatics Course and Research Study I (Beginner to Intermediate) *****

  • Explore directly whether there is life after death
    • Meet the deceased
    • Explore afterlife worlds
  • Explore the universe near and far
    • Distant places on the Earth
    • Outer space
  • Meet and interact with other beings
    • Other out-of-body explorers
    • Nonphysical beings
    • Extraterrestrials

You can accomplish this and more via the out-of-body experience or astral travel. This is an ongoing out-of-body experience or astral travel training program. Thereby, you can progress more so at your pace, which should allow for more people to progress to success. Nevertheless, the process of achieving even your first conscious out-of-body experience is an intensive endeavor requiring at least a certain amount of dedication, time, and effort.

Format: We will start with basics development, then progress to what I call state acquition, and then to the out-of-body experience. The textbook for the course is my book Travel Far. The fee for the group class is $50/week (due via Paypal each Sunday) or $185/month (due to the same date each successive month as the first day of training via Paypal or Patreon). Note: New students are accepted only on a week-by-week basis. After successful completion of at two to three weeks of training, you may be invited to continue on either a month-by-month or week-by-week basis. 

We’ll meet each Monday for an hour on Discord at 7 PM Central Time (let me know if you need a different day or time, as I’m in a position to reschedule the time). Classes are recorded (students are not allowed to record classes). There will also be an online forum for the course for feedback and questions throughout the week.

New students: 1) Order the latest edition of Travel Far, 2) Sign up at the forums and at Discord chat, 3) Fill out the registration form, and 4) Send in your fee for the first week of participation at with my email We’ll begin training on the next training day following registration and payment.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments via the above email, the comment section of the registration form, or other contact information on the Contact Page. I may offer more advanced courses in the future.

100% of students who completed the Ecsomatics I Course had an out-of-body experience.

During an intensive 11-week progression, four (4) students had a total of 8 out-of-body experiences among them. Thirty-one (31) people showing interest in the course. Thirteen (13) people started he course. Eight (8) students completed the Basics training. Two (2) students completed the Ecsomatics I program. Each of the two students who completed the State Acquisition for OBE / Ecsomatics I training had at least one OBE. (The current ongoing format will allow for a pacing such that more students can achieve OBE success.) 

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May 2024