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Training Programs 2021

Here you can learn about the online programs currently offered at Darryl E Berry Jr’s Next Density Center. There is no monetary cost to apply or participate. Students are offered high level instruction with consistent coaching along the way.

Click each program title link to learn more about the program.


Ecsomatics / DEBJ-NDC Traveler Program / (Out-of-Body Experience)

1. FDNL-1104-99 – Developmental Basics Self-Study Course

2. ASCN-2108-12 – State Acquisition for OBE (Ecsomatics I)

3. ASCN-3128-99 – Basic OBE Skill (Ecsomatics II)

Certification: Ecsomaticist Third Class

3. ASCN-4106-X3- Intermediate OBE Skill (Ecsomatics III)

Certification: Ecsomaticist Second Class

4. ASCN-5199-X5 – Advanced OBE Skill (Ecsomatics IV) [DEBJ-NDC Traveler Team]

Certification: Ecsomaticist First Class


DEBJ-NDC Instructor Training

1. Completion of at least one level 2000 course, and an invitation to join

2. FDNL-3302-24 – DEBJ-NDC Student-Teacher (Mentor) Class

Certification: DEBJ-NDC Trainer Second Class

3. FDNL-4302-24 – DEBJ-NDC Instructor Class

Certification: DEBJ-NDC Trainer First Class



Jan 2021