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Darryl E Berry Jr’s Next Density Center is dedicated to high-level research, education, development, and application along the lines of the finer or nonphysical frequencies and realms of existence, heretofore termed astral, nonphysical, astral travel, out-of-body experience, lucid dreaming, extraterrestrial contact, as well as higher levels of thought including fourth density thought and pure non-dualism. Free high level courses and research studies are offered, including online classes and a forum or message board.

DEBJ-NDC Purposes include:

* Forwarding a practical understanding of the aforementioned areas and aspects of existence and study.

* Generating high-level, scientifically sound data for the reality of these forms and frequencies of matter.

* Providing a center or nexus of cooperation, development, progress, and the assisting of others in their development


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