DEBJ-NDC Traveler Study Orientation & Registration

DEBJ-NDC Traveler Study Orientation

Meeting Days/Times: Sundays, Central Time


Next Density Center Introduction

Thank you for joining the Darryl E Berry Jr’s Next Density Center Classes, Courses, and Training Programs! DEBJ-NDC training programs are currently taught directly by myself, Darryl E Berry Jr. I utilize what I’ve learned over decades of research, experimentation, practice, and teaching to guide you to toward your own experiences.

DEBJ-NDC is dedicated to research, education, development, and application of our inner abilities, and of the finer frequencies and realms of the universe. The current focus is the out-of-body experience or astral travel. Several students have successfully achieved their first out-of-body experience as a result of their participation in this course and research study. I maintain these courses on an ongoing basis, so if you know of anyone else who may be interested please refer them.

About the Courses & Programs

The courses are designed to provide participants with the knowledge and understanding to properly develop basic abilities, enter altered states, and ultimately achieve the out-of-body experience state.

What my personally instructed classes and teachings are not:

  • They are not a quick-fix way to gain metaphysical ability. I can teach you what to do, and I can guide your progress, however you must put in the time and effort if you are to succeed.
  • They are not religious based teachings, but initial efforts at scientific investigations and experiments.

What my personally instructed classes and teachings are:

  • An avenue for learning, practicing, and testing methodologies and techniques to develop ecsomatic abilities and potentialities.
  • A class, course, and community for sincere, motivated, intent individuals to learn how to access altered states and related experiences and states

Courses currently offered are the Developmental Basics Course (ASCN-1004) and the State Acquisition for OBE Course (ASCN-2004). Each course runs 4 weeks long – counting weeks from Sunday through Saturday, for a total of 8 weeks of training. The overall duration of the course has been shortened from previous courses to make the courses more accessible. Participants will learn all they need during the course to either obtain an out-of-body experience during the course, or to be able to successfully continue their practice after the course ends and proceed to achieve the out-of-body state. Each individual participant’s success will depend upon the time and effort they invest into the course and their ongoing training both during the course and after completion of the course.

Course Fees

The current course fees for participation in DEBJ-NDC courses separately are $300 for the Developmental Basics Course and $500 for the Basic OBE Skill Course, or a single fee of $725 for both courses. Fees are accepted via Simply fill out the registration form on this page, and send your course fees through at the email

Refund Policy: Upon confirmation of your registration and fee I begin preparing, and we’ll start on the agreed upon date. It takes plenty time and effort for me to prepare to provide you the best experience most conducive to your success. Therefore there is a reduction in refunded amount of participation is cancelled, as follows: 80% refund if participation cancelled before the course begins. 50% refund if cancelled during the first week of the course. No refunds after the first week of the course.

Research Study Aspect

My courses are a part of an ongoing research study. The data gathered from participants, including but not limited to daily journals, class interactions, emails, forum participation, one-on-one sessions, surveys before, during, and/or after the study, and any other avenues of data production, supports Darryl E Berry Jr’s and DEBJ-NDC’s research, education, development, and application efforts. Purposes include but are not limited to: that I may improve my teaching methodologies which benefits each successive class of students, for current and future publications by Darryl E Berry Jr and/or DEBJ-NDC, and that scientific evidence for the so-called nonphysical can be established.

Participants agree to contribute to this research by providing accurate and honest information. Participants agree that all data they produce in relation to the study, before, during, and after the study, is contributed freely to be utilized worldwide and royalty-free by Darryl E Berry Jr and DEBJ-NDC in research, education, development, application, and other efforts. An alpha-numeric student ID is assigned to the data to protect student privacy.

The various avenues of data production also have much practical value to the student. For instance, brief but detailed daily journals that capture the particulars, substance, and essence of practice experiences tend to:

– Allow better recall and clarity of experiences and progress.

– Allow me to better coach you and help accelerate your progress and development and success.


Student Code of Conduct

To make the most of the course students should participate online if you have the time, and the attention, and the willingness and dedication to sincerely apply yourself to a systematic and practical course(s) on a consistent basis for the duration of the course. This includes keeping up with daily practice, promptly submitting daily journal reports, and applying feedback received. If for whatever reason you cannot complete the practices you can still continue on the course and develop a theoretical foundation that can be applied later. However, practicing along with the course will allow me to provide specific coaching and guiding to your progress, which will allow better results for participants.

No Audio or Visual Recording by Students

Note that students are not allowed to make video or audio recordings of any group or personal meetings or sessions. Recordings are being made as a part of the research, education, development, and application aspects of the Center. This data may be published within the Center and/or publicly at some point in the future. An alpha-numeric student ID is assigned to the data and any visual recordings of students will be censored to protect student privacy.

Course Schedule

Each course includes a weekly class occurring on Sundays. We can arrange what time is best – usually they occur around 2 PM Central Time. These are one-on-one instruction sessions with Darryl Berry on the course material for the week. Daily journal reports are then submitted through an online web form that will be provided, and feedback will be provided to the student throughout the week via email. There is also the opportunity for impromptu interactions via a Discord voice and text server. There is a private section of the Discord server set up for course participants to discuss with Darryl throughout the week.

DEBJ-NDC Traveler Program Registration

If you agree with the above then please utilize this web form to register as a DEBJ-NDC student. Fill in the form completely, including text boxes, radial buttons, and check boxes. Then submit the form via the button at the bottom of the form. This web page should refresh and the form should then be empty, which signifies that the form has been sent. Indicate on the registration form when you’d like to begin the course. I’ll let you know if an adjustment start date is needed. Course fees can then be sent through sent to the account at my email After the course fee has been received we will begin training on the arranged date. If there are any questions please email me at or meet me on our Discord server for a faster response.


    Have you read the entire DEBJ-NDC Student Orientation page ( Do you agree with each and all of the terms therein? If the answer to any of these questions is "No" then choose the "No" radio button.

    Coaching sessions / classes are usually on Sundays, scheduled in Central time.
    I can attend Sundays 1 PM Central Time and participate daily in submitting online report journalsOther - I need another time or medium (Explain in Questions/Comments)

    How much time every 24 hours are you able to commit towards the course, including both literary study and practice?

    What date would you like to start training? Choose a Sunday as the start date.

    Course fees as displayed on the Course's page can be sent via to the email If something occurs that you can no longer participate, there is a 80% refund if participation is cancelled before the course begins, 50% refund if cancelled during the first week of the course, and no refunds after the first week of the course.

    What books have you read by Darryl E Berry Jr?

    What is the physical shape of the planet Earth (for instance, if you could board a rocket ship that takes you 5,000 miles away from Earth so you could look back at Earth from afar)?

    How did you learn about Darryl E Berry Jr, the Center, and this class / course / research study?

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