DEBJ-NDC Ecsomatics Course Registration

    12 Coaching sessions / classes are usually on Mondays, for one hour scheduled in Central time, with participants' daily journals submitted via the forums and charts attached/uploaded on the forums.
    I can attend Mondays, 8:30 PM Central Time, and participate regularly in submitting online report journals and chartsOther - I can participate, however, I need another time to attend or medium to post (Explain in Questions/Comments)

    13 How much time every 24 hours are you able to commit towards the course, including both literary study and practice?

    14 Fee and Refund Policy: Fees are displayed on the Course information page, due every Sunday by 5 PM CT, or on the same day each month if paying monthly. Fees are to be sent via to the email or through Patreon (monthly only) at Upon reciept of your registration and fees I begin preparing for your personalized instruction. If something occurs that you can no longer participate, there is a 85% refund if participation is cancelled before your first class, and a 50% refund if cancelled during the first week. For ongoing students there is a 100% refund if cancelled before the related class. For students on a month-by-month basis, there is a prorated refund per the number of remaining classes in the payment cycle, from 100% to whatever percentage of classes are remaining in the cycle.

    15 What books have you read by Darryl E Berry Jr?

    26 Calibration Question: What is the physical shape of the planet Earth (for instance, if you could board a rocket ship that takes you 25,000 miles away from Earth so you could look back at Earth from afar)?

    27 How did you learn about Darryl E Berry Jr, the Center, and this class / course / research study?

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