Classes on A Course in Miracles Volume I

Classes on A Course in Miracles

Contemporary Pure Non-Dualism – Discussions 1 through 12

Classes on A Course in Miracles Series Volume I

Enlightenment Curriculum Book 1

by Darryl E Berry Jr

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“In reading Darryl E. Berry Jr’s new book, Classes On A Course In Miracles: Contemporary Pure Non-Dualism – Discussions 1 through 12, I was continuously impressed by Darryl’s ability to stick to the principle of pure non-dualism. This is rare for authors or teachers of any discipline. Indeed, even teachings that were originally meant to be non-dualistic eventually devolved into dualism. I salute the author for his uncompromising work, and I highly recommend this book to anyone who is looking to save time on their ‘journey without distance’ home to God.”Gary R. Renard, the best-selling author of The Disappearance of the Universe trilogy.

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The world has not yet experienced any comprehensive reawakening or rebirth. Such a rebirth is impossible as long as you continue to project or miscreate. – A Course in Miracles

They must learn to look upon the world as a means of healing the separation. – A Course in Miracles

The whole thing about this is – be right with yourself. That’s it. That’s it. That’s what all those [plastic] bags and oil companies are about. They bring us closer to ourselves… If you’re cleaning your kitchen floor and you want to get all the little corners – that’s what they are. Life comes at you, and if you’re frightened, or upset, or disconnected, that shows you the next Worksheet. Clean your house. Get it straight. That’s what grandmothers are for. That’s what Ukraine is for. That’s what Russia is for. That’s what Putin’s for. That’s what everything is for. All here for you. And you can do it from here. It’s a state of grace. – Byron Katie

Be passersby. – Enlightened Master Y’shua

Release does not depend on illusions. – A Course in Miracles


Preface xv

Introduction xvii

1 An Introduction to A Course in Miracles 1

I. Preamble 1 II. The Motivation is Inner Peace 1 III. Guilt Demands Separation 5 IV. Incompletion / Judgment As Defense 7 V. Quantum Forgiveness Undoes Guilt 9 VI. The Process of Quantum Forgiveness 12 VII. The Purpose of Life is Forgiveness 20 VIII. Forgiveness is Continual 21

2 What is a Miracle? 24

I. Preamble 24 II. The Course Versus Other Systems 24 III. The Special Relationship 25 IV. The Use of Special Relationships 34 V. The Use of the Body 43 VI. The Vision of Christ 47 VII. The Voice for God 52 VIII. Reinterpreting the World 56 IX. Awakening through Forgiveness 63 VI. Experiences of Expanded Awareness 64

3 Unraveling the Onion of Guilt 68

I. Preamble 68 II. Catching the Denial of Guilt 68 III. Standing on the Grave of God 74 IV. Becoming Aware of Denial 76 V. The Analogy of the Onion 78 VI. No Forgiveness Opportunity is Lost 81 VII. Not Confusing Miracle with Magic 82 VIII. Truth Versus Symbols of Truth 85 IX. Did Hitler Have Peace in His Mind? 89 X. What things are eternal? 91 XI. Awareness, Part 1 92 XII. Different Versions of the Course 96 XIII. Awareness, Part 2 102 XIV. Trying to Mix Thought Systems 103

4 Back to Basics Principle 104

I. Preamble 104 II. On Forgetting to Forgive 104 III. What to Do, Get Back to Basics 109 IV. Course Study as a Defense 121 V. The Script and Different Lifetimes 127 VI. Trust and Applying the Course 135

5 Cleaning Muddy Glasses 143

I. Preamble 143 II. Guilt and Self-Sabotage 143 III. Learning and Teaching the Course 145 IV. Pain and Spiritual Interest, Part 1 152 V. The Purpose of Valuing the World 160 VI. Pain and Spiritual Interest, Part 2 161 VII. Allowing Worldly Investments 164

6 Gestalt Ideas 175

I. Preamble 175 II. Mind and Forgiveness 175 III. The Two Ways of Looking 177 IV. The Meaning of Looking 179 V. Keeping the Course in Context 185 VI. Gestalt Ideas of the Course 189 VII. Problems and Solutions 190 VIII. Words and Symbols 192 IX. Pulling Jesus Into the World 195

7 Choosing Illusions That Undo Illusions 199

I. Preface 199 II. The Holy Spirit Is Illusory Too 199 III. Holy Spirit Teaches by Comparison 202 IV. Application for Understanding 203 V. Complete Forgiveness is Salvation 204 VI. The Meaning of the Real World 206 VII. Forgive Each to Forgive All 209 VIII. The Holy Spirit’s Perspective 214 IX. No Real Effects In The World 218 X. Form Follows Content 222

8 A Change in Perspective 228

I. Preamble 228 II. The Meaning of Non-Dualism 228 III. Reinterpreting the World 234 IV. The Illusion of Lack 239 V. Condemnation is Never Justified 241 VI. Expanded Awareness 242 VII. Beyond Body or Beyond World? 244

9 Magic Versus Miracles 249

I. Preamble 249 II. Asking For What We Want 249 III. Holographic Nature of the Course 251 IV. Prayer and Forgiveness 254 V. Sickness and Healing 258 VI. What Are Angels? 269 VII. “Seeing” Others 272 VIII. “Getting” Versus “Receiving” 276

10 The Second Coming 278

I. Preamble 278 II. Ego “Dynamics” 278 III. Was Kenneth Wapnick Enlightened? 282 IV. The Levels of Course Discussion 283 V. The Second Coming 288 VI. The Spreading of the Course 292 VII. Addressing Healing 295 VIII. Creating and Making in the Course 300

11 Living a Normal Life 305

I. Preamble 305 II. Evaluating the World 305 III. Understanding the Course 313 IV. What Is The Miracle? 317 V. Dependent Vs Independent Miracles 318 VI. Is The Course Against Marriage? 328 VII. Being “Ordained” In The Course 329

12 Reinterpreting Separation 334

I. Preamble 334 II. The Introduction the Course 334 III. What Is a Miracle? 337 IV. What Is Sickness? 341 V. Reinterpreting the World 343 VI. True Indiscriminateness 345 VII. Pain is the Motivation for Peace 347

Afterword xxi

Appendix xxiii

Further Study xxiii ACIM Metaphysical Chart / Diagram xxvi Photographs xxviii Research, Education, and Development xxxvii About the Author and Publisher xl