DEBJ-NDC Traveler Team

DEBJ-NDC Traveler Team

This is a group of both developing and experienced ecsomaticists or out-of-body explorers.

Member Benefits include…

  • Access to a member’s-only forum where members share practices, have joint practice sessions, offer encouragement and tips, and engage in various experiments and group experiences.
  • Ongoing tips and coaching from Darryl E Berry Jr and other members in your practices and progress.
  • A way to help foster focus, motivation, and to have support for your ecsomatic practices

Membership Requirements

Out-of-Body Experience Accounts

DEBJ-NDC Traveler Team members contribute at least one (1) new out-of-body experience account per month to the DEBJ-NDC OBE Collection. This is a repository of out-of-body experiences of students and members of DEBJ-NDC, that contributes to ongoing research into ecsomatics. This requirement also provides a goal or focus for practices, which should help with motivation and success of at least one out-of-body experience per month.

Active Participation

Membership entails actively participating as a member. This includes 1) continuing one’s personal ecsomatic practices, as well as 2) participating in the member forums, in group discussions, and in joint out-of-body travels that may come about if scheduling allows, and so forth. An active group offers a potent mutual assistance that greatly assists everyone in their progress. Higher-skilled members will be able to participate in various out-of-body tasks, experiments, and events.

Joining as a Member

To join as a member, simply fill out the following membership form. Note that you must have a new out-of-body experience account to contribute (from within the current month of applying) to be considered for membership into the DEBJ-NDC Traveler Team.

Membership Open – Apply Here

Thank you for considering becoming a member of a DEBJ-NDC team. Please fill out this form to apply to join.

What DEBJ-NDC class(es)/course(s)/research effort(s)/program(s) have you completed? Check all that apply.

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Will you be an active participant as a member?
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How did you learn about the DEBJ-NDC?

Add the entire journal entry or account, with as much detail as you can around the experience, including date and time of the experience, what exercises or techniques you applied if any, details of the experience itself, and anything that may have contributed to the experience. (At least one relevant experience for each group you are applying to join.)

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Aug 2020