DEBJ-NDC Education Efforts

DEBJ-NDC Education Efforts

Darryl E Berry Jr’s NEXT DENSITY CENTER (DEBJ-NDC) forwards the research, education, development, and application of our nonphysical aspects, inner abilities, and spiritual development. I’ve categorized these into four distinct categories: Foundational, Ascension, Meta-Transfer, and Enlightenment. The high level education efforts aim toward the development of inner abilities heretofore called astral travel or out-of-body experiencing, psychic functioning, lucid dreaming, and contact with interdimensional and extraterrestrial entities and civilizations. It is my position that these phenomenon and experiences represent frequencies of matter that are as yet to fine our (common) technology to access; but that we have these frequencies incorporated into our overall being, and can thus access them directly.

I offer several theoretical and practical courses and classes, all of which are also research endeavors. Topics and practices include basic metaphysical skills, lucid dreaming, the out-of-body experience, making contact with extraterrestrials, and A Course in Miracles. My courses are currently taught through voice or video chat, and also utilize this website’s online forums and DEBJ NDC Discord server in sections of these applications that are accessible only to active students.

There is no monetary cost involved with any Next Density Center metaphysical courses or studies or efforts. In the spirit of advanced civilizations like the Pleiadian civilization or the Essassani civilization that have no government and no money, I’m working to build such a life for myself and align with that frequency of society.

If you would like to receive first hand expert guidance in your personal learning and development from the cutting edge of extreme frontier science then join one of the DEBJ-NDC research studies & courses. If you resonate with these objectives I encourage you to become a Member of the Center, and participate ongoing in these efforts. Members can also become volunteers at various levels of involvement, to help the Center as we work towards expanding practical metaphysical understanding and ability on Earth. Visit this page to see descriptions of various levels of involvement in DEBJ-NDC.

– Founder, Darryl E Berry Jr