ACIM Classes & Study Groups

ACIM Classes & Study Group

This program studies pure non-dualism through the form of A Course in Miracles. No prerequisites exist for this class, though suggested reading include The Disappearance of the Universe by Gary Renard and my book Classes on A Course in Miracles.

**ACIM Classes & Study Groups**

ACIM Class & Study Group

A periodic class and study group on A Course in Miracles including lecture and question and answer. Usually at 11:30 AM Central time on Sundays, via a video/voice chat computer or cell phone application or phone call via conference line. Classes are recorded for future volumes of Classes on A Course in Miracles. Participants agree that their participation freely contributes to the recording. Those who would not like to be apparent on the recording can turn off their cameras (no video), and/or type in their questions/comments via chat (no audio). No audio or video recording is allowed by participants. If you’d like to participate email me with your interest, and I’ll inform you when next I start a session of classes. You can read one 12-class session of classes here.

Other Suggested Reading:

  • Reading The Disappearance of the Universe by Gary Renard

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June 2020