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A Beginner’s Guide to the Out-of-Body Experience, Including First-Hand Accounts and Comprehensive Theory and Methods

by Darryl E Berry Jr

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During one period I experimented with the concentration techniques of the Mysticweb group, which was very interesting. Their methodology of projecting seemed very different from what I was used to. I soon learned to understand the dynamics and incorporate these techniques. Their technique basically has to do with being relaxed while focusing on something until you reach the out-of-body state – usually when drowsy. The two favorite objects of concentration for them are the heartbeat and a mental mantra. One time I lay for OBE practice and relaxed and focused on the feel and sound of the beating of my heart. In various sessions I tried various ways to apply this technique. Sometimes I would count the beats, others I would simply focus on them allowing myself to drown in them. This time, while sitting on my favorite chair, I decided to count the beats from 1 to 100, at 100 restarting from 1. While counting I suddenly felt my nonphysical head move downwards towards my heart. It was as if my head bent down to kiss my chest, but then continued sliding down my chest so that my face was flat against my chest. And then my face started sliding down my abdomen pulling my neck and chest with it. The strangeness of the scenario shocked me out of the experience! When I reinitiated the heartbeat focus the same thing happened.

Once while focusing on a mental mantra my nonphysical head started to move of its own accord. I was aware of my nonphysical head rocking and turning side to side, as of moving to music.


A few times I experimented with short-cut methods to OBEs, which I don’t recommend. A sudden experience of extrusion from the body can be very jarring. My friend Louis instilled in me the idea that deeper altered states are the home of the OBE; himself a staunch reader of Monroe. Louis went to a sleep lab and got hooked up to monitors and went OBE, and the technicians told him that according to their readings he could put himself into a coma. He was in the delta brain wave state during each OBE – I remember years ago making a post on an online forum board sharing this, entitled delta is OBE. I also wrote to The Monroe Institute, and Skip Atwater confirmed the same thing. He said that OBE happens in deep delta states, and that through OBEs you can go to all the focus levels described by Monroe, from Focus 10 (mind-awake/body-asleep) onward.

Delta is a state of slower brain waves, and thus less brain activity. Thus, he reasoned, if one would silence the mind, suspend all thought and thinking, this could lessen brain activity and thus shift into delta and thus into an OBE. I tried this and would experience sudden juts out of the body. I’d be lying there, and would blank my mind, and suddenly I’d fly out at an angle as if my entire bed was suddenly yanked into the air. It was quite jarring. Shock would throw me back into the body just as abruptly. I decided that a more progressive entry into deep altered states was better for me.

Another instance of immediate projection was intense use of focusing on the heart. Deciding to really focus, and reasoning that a tighter, more singular focus would cause a quicker extrusion like mind blanking, I lay in bed with no relaxation or preparation and simply focused on the feel and sound of my heartbeat with all my might. I focused irrespective of any tension I might generate due to the intensity of concentration, like my childhood flight visualization practices. Suddenly a nonphysical hand would jut up from bed or my entire nonphysical self would jut up into the air or to the side. The shock of the sudden movement would propel me right back into physical body awareness, but I’d be able to focus again and cause another rapid exit (and subsequent rapid reentry). It was very interesting, but due to rapid reentry because of shock not very practical for me.


I’ve had a few very pronounced time travel experiences. In one suddenly I was looking through someone’s eyes – as if in their body but unable to direct their movements, nor to direct my own point of view. Wherever their eyes turned I could see. As the person moved around, I observed the room and surroundings through their eyes like windows. Then I noticed this person writing something onto little white strips and sticking the strips onto small plastic bags. The person repeated this strange process over and over. Suddenly the person looked up and started to frantically look around the room as if shocked or surprised. After some time of excited moving and looking around the person went back to dealing with the strips of paper and the plastic bags.

Years later I’d unexpectedly moved into a sort of commune and would sell incense for a living. Going through my normal routine of writing the flavor of incense on little white stickers, and then sticking them onto the incense pack, I suddenly became aware that this was the experience I perceived years earlier. It was my own eyes I saw through, and this was the exact time in which my past self was looking through my eyes. Then I remembered how I started frantically looking around, as observed through the OBE, and realized it was my present self, looking around at the room, connecting the dots of the experience. And before I knew it, I was looking around the room, confirming that this is in fact the room I saw in the experience, and therefore I was looking around the room like that. Then I realized I’d just completed the circle and lived the experience my past-self viewed through future self’s eyes. The past influenced the present/future, and the present/future influenced the past.

In another time travel experience I was obsessed with thoughts of the first time I could have had sex but was too afraid or shy to do so at the time. I was a little kid, and a slightly older girl was trying to coax me to have sex with her, but instead I ran away and went outside to play. Deciding to use my OBE abilities to explore this matter, I decided to see what would have happened had I decided differently. I focused on and intended on experiencing or perceiving the alternate chain of events as it would have occurred and was suddenly that little kid again. It’s not like I was looking through my younger self’s eyes. I was that younger self again. All thought or memory of practicing OBE was gone. All memory of subsequent life experiences was gone. I was literally a kid again, living at that time for the first time as far as I was aware.

The experience started about 5 minutes before the choice point. This time, when we went upstairs in my grandmother’s house, instead of leaving I went ahead with the sex. Soon after the sexual experience, as I was on my way downstairs, I was suddenly immersed in all blackness, and then all whiteness, and then back in my current time body with my current time memories reinstated. Yet I retained full memory of my venture into that alternate timeline. Now for that incident I have two memories, one in which I had sex and one in which I did not.

My perception is that I entered (or made) an alternate universe, a different reality stream or timeline, and lived in that alternate timeline for that duration of time. After years of looking into the concept I have concluded that in any scenario where we are inconclusive, or think back in regret, there is an alternate universe where the other scenario is played out too. The other universe is just as real as the contemporary one – in fact, from that universe, we’re the alternate universe. This experience also illustrates the nature of consciousness and memory in relation to the simultaneity of time, and the ultimate truth that all minds or individuals are one mind. Even though I had memory of over a decade or two of experience subsequent to the time period I traveled to, when I took on the first-person perspective of the target time, I had no memory of anything subsequent to that time. My memory, thinking, and attitude were all appropriate to the childhood period and personality I had projected into, and my memory didn’t return until I returned to contemporary time. Except for that one different choice I made the same choices I made the first time – where I looked, what I thought, and that first time was ‘the first time,’ with no recall of future sexual experiences from this timeline.

If we are in fact one mind appearing as many, and all time is happening simultaneously, it is a constructed situation that we are unaware of the rest of time. We trick ourselves into thinking we are the temporary identities we undertake. We think we are the people we see ourselves to be but we’re not. Only by persistent denial and compartmentalization of the majority of our being do we perceive and experience ourselves to be an individual mind, with memory of the past but unawareness of the future.


Inspired by Louis I began to practice on my lunch break at work. At one time I worked at the packing facility of a popular coffee brand and would practice in the locker room on the benches during lunch. It wasn’t the most comfortable place, as the bench was metal and I was squished up against the lockers, but it was fun. One time I reached a deep state and suddenly floated up out of body several inches, hovering slightly out of coincidence with the physical body, still interpenetrating it. I felt in my nonphysical chest a very rapid beat like a heartbeat, seeming like how Robert Bruce describes the thrum of the heart chakra. I hovered down and reintegrated with the physical body and noticed the slow, normal beat of the physical heart. I relaxed and hovered up a few inches and observed the rapid “beating” of the heart chakra again. I floated in and out a several times, observing the differences in state, and then concluded my experiment.

Another time at a later job I took lunch break at my desk, folding my arms and laying my head on my arms. At some point I reached a deep altered state, and someone across the office started to staple. I not only heard stapling, but I felt it as well. The sound was tangible and reverberated through my nonphysical self. Each staple was like the loudest and most palpable sound ever, and I cringed each time, praying this person would stop stapling.

At some point I nonphysically looked up from the desk and was able to nonphysically sit up from my physical torso at the waist and look around the room. Suddenly I was in a reclined position as if leaning my chair back, zooming down a tunnel made of streaks of light. It was like a tube made of tiny multicolored comets streaked around me – or I was zooming through it. Soon my lunch break ended, concluding the experience.