3 Meeting the Deceased

Travel Far

A Beginner’s Guide to the Out-of-Body Experience, Including First-Hand Accounts and Comprehensive Theory and Methods

by Darryl E Berry Jr

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Twice I met Robert Monroe OBE – after he died. Fittingly I used his own Ident Method; focusing on all I knew of him as I went to sleep, with intent to go to him. I became semi-aware in a nonphysical area, in a class he was teaching in a nonphysical university. I disrupted the class, trying to court one of the female students. Still only semi-aware, I flew out of the window and saw one of my old high school classmates, whom we called ‘Baby Girl.’ She was sitting on a bench quietly studying a book, further confirming Monroe’s finding that often people have active OBEs but don’t remember them in their waking state. As I explored the surrounding area, I saw a building across a large field, which I intuitively knew to be the Akashic Records building. It looked remarkably like a simple drawing made by Robert Bruce. Another time I saw Monroe in a nonphysical institute of sorts, and the facial image of a student of his, Bruce Moen, appeared in my field of perception. It seemed that Moen was there, or psychically aware of our interaction.


On one occasion I visited my deceased grandmother, Bennie Berry. She’d died about two weeks prior. As I went to sleep, I built an ident of her; I focused on her, gathering everything I knew about her into my awareness, intent to go to her. I became aware in the void – a seemingly endless expanse of darkness. It’s like outer space with no stars, a state I’ve commonly experienced in deep meditation. In the distance I heard her distinctive laugh and looked in that direction to see an oval shaped cloud of multicolored light, with her face towards the top of the cloud. I explained to her what I knew of the afterlife, trying to help her along with her transition. She did not speak or say anything, but simply looked sweetly as I experienced her presence and communicated what I could. After a short time, I phased back into my physical body.