2 Nonphysical Meet Ups

Travel Far

A Beginner’s Guide to the Out-of-Body Experience, Including First-Hand Accounts and Comprehensive Theory and Methods

by Darryl E Berry Jr

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I’ve had several OBEs of meeting other out-of-body explorers, with various degrees of confirmation. The best so far is a meeting with my friend Louis, a highly practiced and skilled out-of-body explorer. I’d decided to visit him and to make it so I could validate the experience. I didn’t tell him I was planning to meet him. And before going OBE I imagined myself in a long white robe, with a golden band around the chest/torso area of the robe. I went OBE and had a groggy experience of meeting and communicating with him in the nonphysical. The next day we talked on the phone as usual, and I didn’t mention the experience at all. Louis volunteered that he saw me in the OBE state, that I was wearing a big white shirt with a gold ring around it, and that when we talked, I seemed drunk.

Another time I had a semi-conscious experience of meeting a school flame of mine named Lugenia, and three of her friends. She and I hadn’t spoken in years, and then I experienced meeting her OBE in a nonphysical dimension; along with a male she was apparently dating, and another female and a guy she was apparently with. Not being able to communicate properly with Lugenia due to the jealous interruptions of her beau I flew off exploring. I remember seeing off to the side a kaleidoscopic nonphysical realm, where a plateau of ground stretched into the air and folded into a swirling rainbow.

Later I called her and told her about this experience of seeing her, and she told me that she is almost always in the company of the same 3 people, that they go just about everywhere together: her boyfriend, her best female friend, and her best female friend’s boyfriend. This experience was another confirmation that people habitually travel but are often unconscious of the experience in their waking life.


Another OBE meeting experience I had was with the A Course in Miracles teacher Kenneth Wapnick. I had a hazily remembered “dream” that I understood to be more than just a dream. I experienced a cafeteria that I’d regularly ‘dream’ myself into. This time I saw Ken there, but he looked conscious. He seemed to stand out from the dream. After the second occurrence like this I wrote him a letter, describing the experience. He replied with something like, “We should do it again sometime.”


One time I became semi-conscious on top of a building in a city that seemed like a nonphysical version of New Orleans, my old hometown. My spirit guide alerted me that I was out-of-body, and I had a stark increase in lucidity and awareness. I jumped off the building, still sort of unsure of my state but sure enough, falling dozens of stories and landing on the ground in a super hero stance with a loud thud. I looked to the side to see what I could only describe as a spider-truck – a monster truck like the kind that drives over rows of cars, but with spider legs protruding from its sides as well as the normal super-sized wheels. Then I saw my high school buddy Melvin walking on the sidewalk. I tried to talk to him, but he was in a dreamlike state, like he was drunk – like how I must have seemed to Louis that time. As much as I tried to alert him, and to make him aware that he was amid an OBE, he could not be made aware.

Suddenly I was in my old elementary school, in a side section of the playground. I started playing around with energy, making energy forms and such, and then a crowd of people started trying to get to me. They were likely my own unconscious projections but I’m not sure. I made a barrier of energy, like a large, extremely thick spider’s web, but the attackers started crawling through the large spacing in the webbing and overwhelmed me. Suddenly I saw all black, and then all white, and then was back in my physical body. ROPE PROJECTION AND WALT

At one time I used to regularly practice OBE in the living room of my mother’s house. A mid-night change of scenery can help lucidity, and mindset. With a sheet to cover me and a pillow and blanket to lie down on I’d practice OBE on the living room floor. I relaxed, did some energy work, and then started to alternate tactilely imagining climbing a rope and imagining myself to be in a different area of the room or in a different physical position. I allowed my actual physical body to remain stationary and relaxed. At one point I experimented with a notion I had, which proved quite effective. I physically turned to my side, and then tactilely imagined myself to still be lying on my back, and then applied the same techniques from the imagined position of being prone on my back. I started to experience slight vibrations throughout my body, which increased as I focused on the techniques. At one point the vibrations started to crescendo, and I focused on climbing the rope with all my focus and intention. The buzz and vibration increased as I climbed, and suddenly I experienced buzzing out of my physical body and floating forward into a standing position.

I walked towards the front door intending to exit the house but was suddenly teleported to another locale and had various experiences. Later I was back in the living room, and I sensed my nephew Walter running in. I’d been telling him about the out-of-body experience, and we’d talked about meeting. And here he was, running up, as gleeful as ever. When I spoke with him the next day, he didn’t remember his side of the experience at all.

I decided to reintegrate with the physical body, walked to it and lay down intent to reintegrate. Nothing happened. I tried to will myself back in-body, or will simply to wake up, but still nothing happened. I surmised that my physical body was still deeply asleep, and I simply waited for it to awaken. At some point I lost awareness and awakened in the morning no worse for wear. Apparently when the physical body is in deep sleep, when most people would be nonphysically hovering close to the physical body unconsciously, travelers might not be able to reintegrate with the physical body. I have found that some physical need to awaken will circumvent this, waking us from sleep as normal if a physical issue occurs, for instance the baby crying. But if you just head back to your physical body and it’s still in deep delta sleep you may need to wait a while to reenter.