17 OBE and Metaphysics

Travel Far

A Beginner’s Guide to the Out-of-Body Experience, Including First-Hand Accounts and Comprehensive Theory and Methods

by Darryl E Berry Jr

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SPIRITUALITY AND ENLIGHTENMENTWhen I began to understand what I was experiencing I thought that the out-of-body experience held the key to spiritual evolution. I was wrong. The out-of-body experience is not in and of itself a spiritual experience. It is a method or mode of perception and experience – a very useful mode of perception where we allow ourselves to perceive and experience outside and beyond the usual self-imposed constraints of space and time, but a mode of perception and experience, nonetheless. It can be applied to spiritual ends; but this is the same with any other device or skill or experience or ability. But the ability to out-of-body travel in and of itself is not spiritual. Nothing perceivable or conceivable or part of the world of time, space, form, and perception can be spiritual. The spiritual is totally beyond time, space, perception, and form of any kind – including nonphysical or energetic form, however nebulous or fluid those forms may be.

One of the ways OBE can be utilized to help further spiritual development is to help expand our understanding of ourselves and the universe, and thus help us to reinterpret the world and our lives in more expanded ways. The true key to spiritual advancement is in the ways we interpret our lives. Do you interpret the world from a place of separation, attack, fear, anger, hate, and prejudice, or do you interpret the world from a place of oneness, sameness, peace, love, forgiveness, gentleness, and acceptance? A recognition that we are consciousness, a state of being shared with everyone regardless of form – even other-dimensional and extraterrestrial beings, can have a profound effect upon how we interpret the world. And we can recognize this and still live normal and engaged physical lives. We can still defend ourselves and others, and eat the foods we like, and have interactions and relations with others. But rather than hating people for differences of physical form, or culture, or whatever, we can embrace those differences, being aware of our oneness beyond all physical world characteristics.


I eventually learned of an idea called ascension whereby one elevates their vibrations to the point of being able to “ascend” or take oneself physically through to higher dimensions (an idea different from the idea of an “ascended master,” which is the reappearance of an enlightened being who has died, such as the beings who appear to Gary Renard). Supposedly J Z Knight channels an ancient being who accomplished dimensional ascension through extensive out-of-body traveling. I haven’t experienced this yet, but I do believe that it’s possible. It has been technologically done by ETs with their interstellar craft, and technology normally mimics the mind. I do have some interesting experiences to let me know that we can and do have a profound effect upon the physical world through nonphysical means, including through use of altered states and the out-of-body experience.

I remember an experience where I meditated on the roof of a building. I sat in the Indian Pose asana and stimulated the chakras of my hands, and then drew energy up my arms and into my crown chakra. I stimulated my crown chakra. I then drew energy up my arms and through my crown and down into my brow chakra. I then stimulating my brow chakra. I repeated this process down my front centerline of chakras. At one point I suddenly realized the wind was no longer blowing. I stopped my practice to pay attention to my physical environment and suddenly the wind hit me all at once. To test the experience, I went back into an altered state and again it was total silence, with no feeling or sound of the wind. Immediately upon coming out of the altered state I was again abruptly hit by a wall of air. My experience was that the meditation was so deep, and the energy field built so strong, that my aura prevented the wind from hitting my physical body. When I came out of the meditation the field collapsed and the air hit me again. It could also have been that in my altered state I simply could not perceive the feel and sound of the wind against me. But my experience at the time was that a field of inactivity surrounding me collapsed when I came out of meditation, allowing the wind to reach my physical body.

I’ve also utilized altered states to help enact great physical healing. Decades ago I used to have hepatitis B. I used deep meditative states to help clear my body of the disease; among other things such as drinking lots of water and energy working. I would sit and reach an altered state by relaxing and feeling for the energy of my body. I would reach such a state that the energy flow would build so that I would perceive the actual meridians and channels along which the energy travels through my body. It was as if my physical body disappeared and I was aware only of a grid of energy strengthening and reinforcing a healthy template upon which my physical body would reorient itself. After about two years of the practice at one point I knew my body was clear. I could feel it. I went and took various in-depth medical tests and it was found that I am clear of hepatitis B and that I have developed immunity. I’ve verified my health several times since my initial test. During another period of metaphysical experimentation, I practiced telekinesis on clouds. Using intent and visualization I could cause a circle of cloudless sky to expand and open in the overcast sky.

In my research I found a lady named Niro Asistent, who through meditation, diet change, and various other life and thought changes, healed herself of HIV, verified several times through medical examination. I’ve also come across accounts of people with so-called multiple personality disorder exhibiting drastic physiological changes between personalities. For instance, one personality would have cancer, and another would not; one personality would have certain color eyes, and another would have different color eyes; one personality would be sickly and frail, and another healthy and extremely strong. These physical traits would change as the person switched between personalities! Even the chemical and hormonal composition of the body varied between personalities. It is apparent that the extent of our influence upon the physical world, including our own bodies, is as broad as we allow it to be.


So much of our errors in perceiving ourselves and others could be alleviated if only it were common knowledge on Earth that we experience several lifetimes. How could someone justify hating another person because of the color of their skin when they are aware they have personally experienced several lifetimes as a person with that same type of skin? How could a person hate another culture being aware that they have experienced living several lifetimes as a member of that very culture? Gender, culture, skin color, religious belief, location, class, wealth or lack thereof – I am certain that almost all of us have experienced several lifetimes as each. Very few beings experience only one or two lifetimes on Earth. Most of us experience thousands. The idea of reincarnation was even in the Christian Bible at one time, but was removed by church leaders for their own purposes. This delay in global paradigm shift to recognize the idea of multiple lifetimes could be because we are all so invested in keeping the illusion of differences and separation intact, so that we have someone or something seemingly separate or different to especially love or especially hate.

Brian Weiss is a psychotherapist who for years regressed patients into the memory of other lifetimes. He happened upon it when, regressing a patient back to the source of current psychological discord, the patient began to describe occurrences quite foreign to the current lifetime. Many of his patients were able to validate their memories, by finding locations and objects remembered through their regressions, some even finding descendants of their other incarnations who validated their memories. The psychological and physiological self we usually identify with is not who or what we are. As stated previously, the very idea of an individual self or ego is a false construct, maintained by denial and repression so that we can experience ourselves as finite beings. Learning to interpret the world from the level of shared identity is part and parcel of true spirituality.

If everyone on Earth were able to astral travel at will I’m certain that many of the ills that mar our society, and have marred Earth society for generations, would be shown as outmoded nonsense. The shift to recognizing every human being as a fragment of universal consciousness temporarily inhabiting a physical body would be great progress. We’re moving in this direction, and beyond. The more of us who develop OBE ability and apply it to expanding our awareness and self-identity, being that we all make the world (however much we may want to blame the world’s problems on small groups of people), the more Earth paradigm shifts into a direction of peace and universal brotherhood.


When something enters our awareness or experience that is foreign to the vibrational signature of Earth, like an extraterrestrial craft or an extraterrestrial being, if our consciousness is not flexible or fluid enough to accommodate the experience it can be very disconcerting. We can lose awareness, fall asleep, become dizzy, become frightened, withdraw into ourselves, cover the experience with a false memory, or simply compartmentalize psychologically and have no memory of the experience. When I saw that craft near my home it was so clear that it was foreign – not of this dimension, or planet, or both. I didn’t have such dramatic reactions during my childhood experiences. Perhaps I didn’t really notice the vibrational differences because I thought that such experiences were very common, and perhaps that’s why I was open and psychologically flexible to the experience. Or perhaps through frequently having such experiences at the time I was acclimated to foreign or extraterrestrial energy. It could also be that at the time I hadn’t fully embraced this lifetime. All our limits are ultimately self-imposed. And those early experiences were apparently very brief, so I imagine there’s very much I don’t recall from that childhood string of experiences.

State acquisition develops the flexibility of consciousness necessary to remain conscious enough in the altered states of alpha, theta, and delta – the states extraterrestrial and interdimensional contact causes dips into. But the necessary flexibility to fully experience and remember the encounter also includes the recognition of a unifying factor beyond all apparent differences: the unifying fundamental factor of consciousness or mind as discussed in previous sections. The more we experience and interpret life with this fundamental unifying principle in mind, the less “foreign” will foreign energy seem, and the less substantial will apparent differences be interpreted and experienced. Thus, extraterrestrial and interdimensional life will seem less “different,” and less “foreign,” and more easily embraced and incorporated into our everyday lives. Thus, the ultimate practicing ground for extraterrestrial/interdimensional contact is right here on Earth, in how we think about and relate to each other.

Steven Greer, after reaching a meditative state of cosmic consciousness, had an extended interaction with extraterrestrial beings. The craft he saw was of the same type of craft he saw at 9 years old. Even with his recently experienced state of cosmic awareness he initially withdrew into a childlike and fearful mental state. He ended up on their craft in outer space, and overcame the trepidation, and they meditated together – Greer and a small group of the ETs. He goes on to say:

“They [the ETs he meditated with] know that the only chance for peace on Earth — never mind the cosmos — is for humans to understand there’s no real difference amongst us… What really matters is that within us lives the same singular light of consciousness… whether we’re open to it or not at any given moment in time. It is the basis of our relationship with each other and with the universe… that is what we [in our meditation] experienced in its absolute, purest form… They didn’t care about such things as age, race, family of origin, or wealth… There is really one people in the universe, and we are they. There is a single conscious being shining in all of us. It can never be divided, no matter how much we try… In a real sense, then, the heart of compassion and the foundation of peace is found in the reality that we are all one… the world’s problems are essentially spiritual, therefore the solutions must be spiritual as well. And so it has turned out to be.”

If you would like to learn more about extraterrestrials, interdimensionals, and interactions with them, I’m working on a book entitled Exo-Communications to contain my further research, investigations, methods, and encounters. If you are or can be in the northern Kentucky area of the United States or would like to sponsor me to come to your area of the world, you could come along with me as I initiate further ET/ID contacts, and further experiment and refine the practice. I intend to forge conscious interplanetary and interdimensional relationships as an ambassador to the stars, and to solidify contact protocols for Exo-Communications. Information is available through www.darryleberryjr.com. And perhaps you have some experiences you’d like to share. Contact me through my website at www.darryleberryjr.com.

I suggest studying the Bashar material channeled by Darryl Anka – including his book Bashar or Quest for Truth, the Sasha, Germane, and Traveler material channeled by Lyssa Royal – including her book Preparing for Contact; and the Sirius Disclosure movie facilitated by Dr. Steven Greer of the Disclosure Project and Sirius Disclosure, as well as his many interviews and speeches online – including his book Hidden Truth: Forbidden Knowledge.

When the dominant reality frequency for Earth humanity becomes alpha and theta everyone will be able to jump through the various realities at will. The time is now to initiate this species-wide shift with our own individual practices and explorations and broadened universal interpretations. We may even open perception and awareness of new realities and dimensions, and new corresponding brain wave states and psychological and physiological conditions.