16 Otherworldly Inhabitants

Travel Far

A Beginner’s Guide to the Out-of-Body Experience, Including First-Hand Accounts and Comprehensive Theory and Methods

by Darryl E Berry Jr

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There are a host of nonphysical inhabitants you will encounter during your travels. Some of these are physical beings whose physical reality corresponds to our nonphysical vibration – sometimes naturally according to dimensional differences, and sometimes due to advanced technology. Here is an example of some of the types of beings you might experience.


Apparently, there are entities in the nonphysical that solely guide and teach both individuals who are still incarnate in the physical world and those who are deceased and solely in the nonphysical. People describe these as sometimes being deceased relatives from the same lifetime they are living. Other times they may be acquaintances from other lifetimes, from different Earth cultures, or even an extraterrestrial culture. Often our guides will be different versions of ourselves – for instance a future version of our current self, or from a different sometimes extraterrestrial lifetime. Lyssa Royal’s and Darryl Anka’s guides are both ETs that are future incarnations of themselves, and who they have to some degree seen in person. Darryl saw their craft in broad daylight (with other witnesses) and Lyssa even had in-person contact. And sometimes conversely, we may meet other versions of ourselves in order to guide and help them. Robert Monroe went into the past via the out-of-body experience to help himself; at the time his younger self didn’t realize it was him. Gary Renard experiences visits from an in a sense future version of himself – ascended masters in the form of his next lifetime and that of his mate in that lifetime. The notion of seeing trans-temporal versions of ourselves is quite profound and apparently quite frequent.


A very practical and interesting experience is to meet other conscious out-of-body explorers. Most of your encounters with others might find them unconscious or with no memory of the experience. I’m sure this is changing though. But if you can arrange to meet up with a conscious out-of-body explorer you can exchange information and then confirm the interaction afterwards. I remember reading of a couple on Alfred Ballabene’s website; they would meet nightly and continue the day’s conversation during the out-of-body state, and then continue the out-of-body conversation when back in-body the next day. Another frequent partnered explorer is Bruce Moen, who frequently travelled with a companion who showed him around the afterlife, and who regularly validated the experience through the sharing of her side of their nonphysical interactions. Time and again their experiences matched perfectly, just as it would if you physically went to a location with someone and later share and corroborate what you saw and did there.


This category of nonphysical inhabitant can take a variety of forms. It could be a newly deceased relative or friend, or all different manner of life that you might not even recognize as sentient. Recall the ‘tube entity’ I encountered in one of my journeys, as well as the ‘box-being’ I encountered in another. And this is not to mention the host of extraterrestrial beings that are to be encountered there. Some look nearly human, and some are clearly not human. Some ET’s apparently exists physically in our nonphysical, whereas some are simply out-of-body like we are.

Some extraterrestrial contact experiences that we may think are dreams or out-of-body experiences are physical interactions that we perceive through a very dreamy altered state. High level ETs operate in the alpha to theta range of consciousness, and act as magnets that draw us into a relative state. They step down their vibrations some, and we’re naturally drawn up in vibration some, and we meet somewhere in between. Our degree of functionality and awareness depends upon how trained we are to develop a flexibility of consciousness. The regular practice of state acquisition would allow more clarity and wakefulness in these physical encounters.

One of the most intriguing altered state experiences I’ve had was after watching the movie A.I. produced by Steven Spielberg. The movie was so profound, and had such an emotional impact upon me, that after witnessing the brilliant and heart-wrenching ending I was in an enormously high emotional state. I’d decided right then that I wanted to meet someone or something of a higher or more advanced spiritual nature, face to face right then. I had a deep and intense longing for some type of higher connection. I was so intent in this that I’d decided that I would sit there, and focus and intend on receiving the audience of some higher level being, and that I would not move, and would not let go of focusing my intention until I did, even if it meant dying of thirst and starvation; I would not budge until someone or something showed. I focused harder, and with more determination by the minute, and grew more and more resolute. And then suddenly, and surprisingly, a being walked into my bedroom through the wall. I was so shocked and taken aback that I didn’t even open my physical eyes. I was squeezing them shut as I focused to see instead with my inner eye – the inner perceptions seemed more vital or valid at the time; or perhaps I was afraid of what I might see. Whoever or whatever this being was, its very presence was palpable and tangible, as if it was made of radiant and palpable electromagnetism.

I paused my mental calling and made my mind alert to it, not sure what to do next. I imagine that the being noticed my shocked and somewhat frightened state, and simply withdrew back through the wall from whence it emerged. I sat there amazed that a being really did show up. Beings really are around, and they listen and hear us. And if sincere in asking, they will even show up to greet you. Be prepared.