15 The OBE Environment

Travel Far

A Beginner’s Guide to the Out-of-Body Experience, Including First-Hand Accounts and Comprehensive Theory and Methods

by Darryl E Berry Jr

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Recall my early experience entitled Multiple Bodied We, in which I suddenly became aware hovering in the upper corner of my bedroom and observed my triumvirate state of consciousness, nonphysical body, and physical body. This demonstrates the two basic ways of nonphysical travel, in a physical-like energy body, and as disembodied consciousness.

The nonphysical body can be experienced along a spectrum of seeming solidity. Sometimes it seems very ghostly or ephemeral, as if not even there. I remember one time sitting in a chair practicing altered states and feeling a nonphysical arm float free. I was able to move it around and it felt very light and extremely skinny and delicate. Sometimes the nonphysical body can seem quite physical, just like the physical body. It seems most solid immediately after a manual exit from the physical body, such as rolling to the side or sitting up. Sometimes you can reach the appropriate state and disengage from the physical body and not even realize it because the nonphysical body can feel so physical. Another indication of how physical the nonphysical can feel is that you can have sex in the nonphysical. Sometimes those kinds of “dreams” we have aren’t nocturnal dreams at all. The experience of being a point or field of consciousness is like being a bodiless roaming eye. I’ve read that as consciousness one can visually perceive 360 degrees around, though I’ve only had visual perception to where I directed my intention just like physical sight.

Other than potentially the experience entitled Astral Cord Experience, Maybe I do not have any perceptions of an astral cord. The astral cord is supposed to be a nonphysical link between the physical body and the nonphysical body. I’ve never really liked the idea, as the idea seems limiting to me. I would like to think of any connection between the physical body and the traveling consciousness as a wave-type phenomenon, more like an infinitely ranged wireless phone and its base receiver. Perhaps “the cord” represents a formless link, given form according to the thinking at the time, as I’m doing with the wireless phone analogy.


I am not aware of any limit to how far we can travel through time or in space. I’ve apparently flown hundreds of light years away from Earth and experienced no deleterious effect upon my consciousness or to my physical body. It seems that as far as an OBE is concerned, down the street is no different than down the galaxy. I’ve found that OBE speed of flight is tempered by the scale of distance we want to travel. This may correlate with the speed of our ability to process information. When flying through a nonphysical city I could fly only as fast as a speeding vehicle. Flying through outer space I reached speeds of trillions of miles per second. It’s like how when traveling in our automobile there is a rough maximum speed at which we feel comfortable traveling, though it may not be the maximum speed of the automobile we are traveling with. During the out-of-body experience there seems to be a self-imposed comfort scale to speed, according to the environment we are flying through. So, I imagine that if I had a goal to visit a galaxy hundreds of galaxies away, I could fly by galaxies in the same way that I have flown by stars.

To calculate the fastest I have ever flown I recalled the experience of apparently going to planet Thiaoouba, after visiting The Source. And any current math and/or science whizzes out there, feel free to write me and correct any errors in these calculations. About 5 stars were going by per second. I have found online that there are about 4 to 5 light years between stars on average in the Milky Way galaxy. So if we say 4.5 light years between stars, and I was traveling by about five stars per second, that means I was traveling about 22.5 light years per second. Over the course of a year light travels about 5,878,499,810,000 miles (5 trillion, 878 billion, 499 million, 810 thousand miles). So over the course of 22 ½ years light travels 132,266,245,725,000 miles (132 trillion, 266 billion, 245 million, 725 thousand miles) – that means I was traveling at speeds of over 132 trillion miles per second. I suppose I traveled for about 10 seconds, so that would mean I traveled about 225 light years, or over 1.3 quadrillion miles.

There’s about 93,000,000 miles between Earth and our Sun, which means I traveled about the equivalent of going back and forth between Earth and our Sun over 14 million times, over the course of about 10 seconds. At far as linear flight goes as stated I’m sure this is nowhere near top speed – and of course teleportation is instantaneous.

The Milky Way galaxy is about 100,000 light years across on average. That would mean I traveled about 1/450 the diameter of the galaxy – which would make that planet close. I wonder if my estimations could be off – for instance on how many stars I passed by per second, or how long I was traveling. It’s possible that I went to a planet like the state of being I was seeking; an advanced planet. Both Darryl Anka and Lyssa Royal speak of an advanced race of extraterrestrials residing in the Pleiades constellation, which is only about 400 light years away from Earth. It’s possible I saw a planet in that system.


There’s a subjective nature to the out-of-body experience, especially in the higher dimensional nonphysical worlds. We perceive energy, and then translate that energy into forms we understand. That’s why at one time in society nonphysical explorers talked about the “River Styx” that took people to the underworld, whereas today people might speak of a train or bus taking them to different areas of the afterlife. And we also will allow into our understanding only what we will accept. This even happens in daily physical life, which we take to be static and immutable. This is important to keep in mind so that we don’t allow false interpretations to sully our perceptions and experiences. It’s very possible to misinterpret things perceived, or to cloud perceptions with our own projections. Open-mindedness and cross-validation are important.

The out-of-body experience is a tool; a great tool, but like any tool its use depends on the user. Usually the essence of any observation remains, for instance whether it’s a ferryman taking someone by boat to the underworld, or a bus or train operator ferrying someone over land, the essence of being carried along a well-trodden path through the nonphysical to a stable nonphysical destination remains.

Always acknowledge every perception as you don’t want to overlook something offhand because it doesn’t fit your preconceptions. Even in remote viewing they note what is or could be their own projections – they just note it as such. When in doubt look to the essence of the perception for interpretation. And if unsure see if you can corroborate the perception or experience with other travelers. Collate all the data and cross-validate when you can.


The real-time environment or the here-now is the experience of traveling through the physical world in the out-of-body state. Note my very first experience when I walked through walls and was able to perceive and confirm the actions of my mother in the kitchen. One notable variable during real-time travel may be variations in color compared to our in-body observations of the physical world. Notice that my childhood OBE walking experiences were in a monotone bluish-white color. Kurt Leland’s early experiences were often in a monotone sepia color, like a Daguerreotype photograph. It’s as if my perceptions were like a bluish Daguerreotype whereas his were in sepia. Chris Burrows’ visual perceptions were a kind of sepia, like old Daguerreotype photographs, as well. So, a monochrome color scheme for the experience seems to be a regular thing. But this is usually when perceiving the outside world at night. Color seems more readily visible when perceiving an environment illuminated by sunlight.

Another very entertaining aspect of the real-time environment is the ability to visit places you may otherwise be unable to visit. These can be distant locations, such as monumental landmarks. It can be outer space locales, or deep under the sea. This can be combined with time travel to visit local or distant locations at different places on the timeline.

I’ve mentioned the common tendency to slip into nonphysical worlds when passing through walls or doors – you start walking through a door in your home and end up in a nonphysical realm. I’m not sure why sometimes I can walk through walls and end up on the other side of the wall just fine and other times I end up in a nonphysical realm. It seems to go in waves, where sometimes I’m sort of stuck in the here-now world and other times I’m sort of stuck in nonphysical realms. One way you can circumvent ending up in nonphysical realms when going through physical barriers is to teleport to where you want to go.


My experience of the higher dimensional worlds is that they are made like a honeycomb. If one were to enter a nonphysical dimension it may look like a normal physical locale. But instead of a gradual and perceptible change of environment as one has traveling across a physical country, one instead experiences an abrupt change of environment. I had one experience where I became aware in a higher dimensional environment in a hotel and ended up having sex with a nonphysical entity. I exited the building and explored and decided to fly up to see what was above the nonphysical sky. What is found was that at a certain point the blue sky turned into the depths of a body of water. When I flew up to the surface of the water, I hit a solid surface like ice, which I broke through into a nonphysical area that resembled a cold climate Earth location. In another experience I became aware in a nonphysical area that resembled an average farm in the physical world. I flew continuously in one direction and experienced a sudden change to a city-like environment. I continued to fly in the same direction and flew through several different areas, experiencing the abrupt change in environment. I began to explore the actual point of change or shift. I found a wall of grayish inert energy, a sort of barrier zone, on either side of which were two distinct regions of the nonphysical. Some of these barrier zones are paper thin, while some are several feet thick.

My observation is that this inert non-nonphysical matter is the same energy that constitutes the nonphysical dimensions themselves. In applying the Place-There Visualization technique I have several times established quite stable nonphysical environments and found that when I failed to maintain them by visiting or visualizing them regularly, they began to deteriorate into the same inert nonphysical energy. I imagine that the areas that are maintained by the minds and intentions of several entities deteriorate in the same way if all said entities were to cease inhabiting and reinforcing that region.


A common experience in meditation or trance is of being in a field or expanse of apparent nothingness. It can be likened to outer space without stars, or a vast emptiness that almost has substance. This experience can extend from a mere visual experience to the experience of hovering in or floating in the void. When floating or being in the void you are effectively in the OBE state, and can intend yourself to a specific location in the physical world or the nonphysical dimension.


Robert Monroe spoke of M-Band noise, an area of the nonphysical made up of the random and disorganized thoughts of the inhabitants of Earth. Given that humanity is in such discord, as well as is very mentally undertrained, it is not surprising that the combined thoughts of humanity make a great cacophony of noise. I’ve experienced this noise several times as I’ve gone through the stages toward OBE. Somewhere in the theta state range I would become aware of a large amount of chatter, as if I were in a party and listening to all the different conversations going on in the room. The chatter sounded as if it was somehow 2 or 3 feet above floor level, as if slightly elevated relative to the physical world.


A place famously introduced by Robert Monroe is The Park, a nonphysical area where people who are not heavily invested in any religious belief about the afterlife might go after death. It’s near the location of the large nonphysical university where sleeping people may unconsciously go to learn and socialize, as well as near the Akashic Records building.


The Akashic Records is described as an area of the nonphysical where all information about everything in existence can be accessed. As stated, before about interpretation, apparently it takes a form that is understandable to the thinking of the one accessing it, often in our time appearing as a library filled with shelves of books. Outside it looks like a large mansion with columns in front. Inside there is an atrium area with a glass ceiling and balcony, and shelves of books that all appear to be hardcover in a brown, very nondescript cover. I don’t think it’s necessary to go here via OBE to access all information, as there is only one mind in existence and every seemingly separate person, place, and thing is a part of it. I think just like the silver cord idea, we fashion forms to symbolize certain functions and abilities in ways that we can understand. The Essassani extraterrestrial race seem to access the Akashic Records all the time, as they can simply know what they need to know whenever they need to know it.


The University is a location of nonphysical learning that people go to, apparently consciously and unconsciously. One of the people I saw there, a fellow high school student at the time, seemed quite conscious while there. Yet the next day at school it seemed as if she had no awareness of seeing me there, which means she probably doesn’t remember being there at all. Robert Monroe spoke of “sleeper’s classes” that people unconsciously, nonphysically attend while their bodies are in deep sleep. Apparently when you start to consciously visit the nonphysical worlds such classes are no longer necessary – or by then what they teach has already been learned. Once Monroe happened upon a sleeper’s class and was told he needn’t be there anymore.


You have probably heard that there is no such thing as time and space in the nonphysical dimensions and during the out-of-body state. I find that this is not true – unless it also means to say that there is no time and space in the physical world either. There is an ability to travel through time, unbounded by time, with the OBE, yet the experience of quantifiable sequence is still there. And a field within which distinct objects can be discerned is still there. Otherwise each time we got out of body we’d see ourselves getting out all the other times we got out. If there was no space in the experience we’d be everywhere at once when we entered the OBE, or there’d be nowhere to go. It is easy to confuse the ability to circumvent linearity and space with the working nonexistence of time or space.

Our physical world experiences are not as temporally and spatially static as we often believe them to be. We regularly speed up time, slow down time, and skip over space in our experience even in the physical world, according to how we use our consciousness. We’ve all experienced the common saying that “time flies when you’re having fun.” It is quite true that when we are very focused or very involved in what we’re doing we change the flow of our movement through time. We’ve all experienced getting places sooner than we “should” have – we can skip over space. In truth the physical world and the nonphysical world are simply different forms of the same dream, and the “laws” of physics can be both circumvented or obeyed in either, being that those laws are wholly illusory. By agreement we usually interact with the ideas of time and space in certain ways, to make a certain type of experience.

Through OBE I’ve gone both into the past and into the future – including into an alternate timeline. My friend Louis regularly travels into the future to see what will happen to him, for instance who he will meet before he meets them physically. It’s also possible to explore alternate timelines to see what happens in other versions of Earth. The way I’ve accomplished time travel and alternate timeline travel is through teleportation, by simply intending when I wanted to go, or what difference in history I wanted to explore. Time travel can also happen spontaneously so that you don’t know when you are during the experience but may be able to put together the clues to find out later.