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A Beginner’s Guide to the Out-of-Body Experience, Including First-Hand Accounts and Comprehensive Theory and Methods

by Darryl E Berry Jr

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My First Exit

My introduction to the out-of-body experience occurred quite spontaneously. I hadn’t read anything on the subject, nor seen or heard anything about it. I simply experienced getting up from bed but leaving my physical body behind! One night, when I was 4 or 5 years old, I suddenly felt very heavy and lethargic, and went to lie down in bed. It was earlier than my bedtime, yet later than afternoon – around dusk. I was so lethargic by the time I got to my bed that I had to just plop myself down and pull the covers over me. After some time, I started feeling better, and got up to tell my mother. But I found that my hand went through the doorknob as I tried to open my bedroom door. I looked back to see a lump on the bed under the sheets that I concluded was my physical body. I walked through the door and through the intervening walls into the kitchen, to contact my mother. I tried to yell for help, but no sound came from my mouth. I was able to observe her actions in the kitchen and confirmed her actions later. A few years ago, wanting to confirm my memory of this incident, I asked my mother if she recalled this. She confirmed me as a kid running up to her, telling her of having been “out of my body.”

Floating and Falling

Later I had what became a nightly experience for some time – out-of-body floating during sleep. The sensation of floating during sleep is very common, and I would experience this regularly. This sensation may be accompanied or followed by a popping, banging, clicking, or roaring sound, a sense of vibrating, an experience of paralysis, or a sensation of rapidly falling. Unbeknownst to most, the sensation of floating is usually the perception of an out-of-body experience in progress. One time I’d become semi-conscious during sleep due to a floating sensation. I became fully aware because of a repetitive whooshing sound. I experienced opening my perceptions to purview the source of the sound, only to find that my nose was at the ceiling of my bedroom. I looked to the side and saw that the blades of the ceiling fan were going through me – the source of the whooshing sound. I looked down and saw a lump on the bed that I concluded was my physical body. Intense shock ended the experience; I experienced a rapid falling back into my physical body, terminating with a series of physical shudders as I landed and reintegrated.[1]

I concluded that the sensations of floating while sleeping and dreaming were actually floating out of the body, and the sensations of falling while dreaming – usually accompanying a dream of falling from a great height – were actually falling back into the physical body. Nightly floating experiences continued in a variety of ways. Sometimes I’d simply hover at the ceiling for an indeterminate amount of time and then slowly float back down. There would almost always be a loud bang or metallic click in my head, either like a shotgun firing or like the snapping of the fingers – at both the start and end of the floating experience. Eventually I’d find the theory that the pineal gland in the center of the brain is a mechanism of the out-of-body experience, and that its activation in the process of dissociating from and reintegrating with the physical body causes the clicking or banging sound in the head. I don’t know how true that is. I experienced the clicking or banging sound mostly during this early period, and contemporarily only after I haven’t practiced for a long time – which could mean that whatever faculty involved in “the click” develops beyond the need to click, or that this sound is simply replaced by other signs of nonphysical excursion.

Flight Visualization

In my infatuation with flying characters like Superman and Mighty Mouse I would dream of flying. I tried to re-create these flying dreams, being that they were so enjoyable. I intuited that to imagine flying as I went to sleep would allow me to re-create the experience, which I tried – sometimes so strenuously attempting to focus and not fall asleep that my brow would tense and be fatigued as I awoke in the morning! Eventually I began to succeed, and nightly I would fly through what appear to be nonphysical dimensions. The environments would often resemble physical world outdoor environments or endless cloud-filled sky. This visualization practice, however long I kept it up, no doubt contributed to the ongoing and seemingly spontaneous out-of-body experiences that would follow in the months and years to come.

Getting Up to Use the Restroom

I would focus very intently before sleep to have myself get up from sleep to use the restroom when needed.[2] Several times I’d successfully feel the need to urinate while sleeping, get up and use the restroom, and then go back to sleep. But I’d notice discrepancies during my journey to the bathroom – a chair would be where it wasn’t physically, or the light switch in the bathroom or the toilet itself wouldn’t work. Or I’d reach the bathroom and urinate yet still feel the need to urinate. And then I’d wake in the morning and find that I had wet myself in bed. I later realized I was getting up and going to the restroom in a nonphysical state.

My ‘Terror of the Threshold’

Another prominent recurrence was various beings visiting me during sleep. The most frightening of these was a being in the guise of the television and movie monster Freddy Krueger. Though I was terrified of this character I was fascinated with him and would watch him on television regularly; and soon would have nightmares about him. He would chase me at night, usually around my neighborhood, in environments that seemed at times to match the physical world and at other times to be a mixture of the physical environment and nonphysical environments. Eventually I got so tired of him chasing me that I fought back. I eventually learned that these experiences were in some sense real – meaning as valid as our everyday physical experiences. And I began to see that this “Freddy” was an actual being – albeit a very sadistic one. But he was at least as real and sentient as the beings I meet while physically walking about in the physical world.

Over time I learned that I could control these experiences and environments, which is how I dispatched of Freddy. He was chasing me along the levy at the end of my street. I imagined waves and waves of children running at him from all directions, beating him fiercely. He tried to run but could not, and I stood back and observed the beating. That was the last time he chased me! This lesson would help me in future encounters with negative nonphysical entities.

Big Ben

The more I had out-of-body experiences the more they proved to be valid experiences rather than just “dreams.” I considered speaking with others about them, but I resolved that since no one was speaking about it that these experiences must be commonplace and not worth mentioning. I wondered where others flew at night, and what they did with their nightly travels. I began to think of ways to practically use the experience, for instance to visit distant places I’d like to see. I decided to visit the Big Ben clock I learned about from my grade school teacher. At night instead of focusing on flying I focused on being at Big Ben. I lost awareness and became aware standing directly in front of Big Ben, with people milling back and forth. It didn’t occur to me that since Big Ben is on the other side of the planet it would be daytime there. I was quite surprised and exceedingly buoyant that I succeeded. But I cringed as I became aware that I was standing there stark naked!

Without reservation I believed that everyone could see me. I started to frantically cover with my hands. It would have been comical to see I’m sure – I’d cover the front of me with both hands and then realize that my rear was showing. Then I’d cover my rear with both hands and realize my front was showing. With some music in the background it might have looked like I was dancing, as I repeated this short series of gestures. I saw no indication that anyone noticed me, but in the frantic nature of it all I didn’t really consider this. After some time, I was suddenly catapulted or suctioned back into my physical body, crashing into it with a rough series of shudders.

Beings of Light

Another recurrence was of three luminescent beings visiting me and telepathically or energetically transmitting information to me. I would sit up out-of-body and see three beings standing by my bed. They would stand to the side facing me – one stood directly facing me, the others to either side facing slightly inward, so that they made a semi-circle.[3] Then information would flow from them and directly into my psyche as if a great river of knowledge was being poured directly into my consciousness. One morning after I awoke I considered what I could have learned and found they transmitted packets of information that I could unravel, review, and contemplate.[4] I opened a packet that contained concepts I’d later read about in the teachings of beings such as Seth, channeled by Jane Roberts, and Bashar, channeled by Darryl Anka. While contemplating this packet of information I knew that reality is what we make it. I looked at the wall, and then was able to see through the wall. I focused on the tree in our front yard and I realized that if we believed or decided that trees grew upside down to the way they do now, they would. The world took on a grainy quality in my perception, as if looking at a faulty digital illusion. It reminds me of The Matrix movie series, how the digital world looks through Neo’s eyes; more like units or fields of data rather than discrete objects.

For a time, this visitation occurred nightly, but the experience was so intense that at times I would wake up sleepier than before sleep! I mentally yelled at them to stop, so that I could get some rest. The visits stopped for a while, and then picked up at a more measured pace. I don’t know for how long these visitations continued, but I suppose until I learned all I needed to from them. Other than that, one time I consciously unraveled a packet I left the information in my mind, and I believe it has unconsciously guided me. It is of note that given other experiences I had around this time, and research I’ve done since then, it’s possible that rather than being nonphysical entities these were physical extraterrestrial beings.[5]

Portal and Chakra Line

I became aware in a nonphysical dimension, a city-like environment, facing a large and angry mob. They started chasing me with clubs and sticks and all manner of objects, intent to beat or kill me. It was a large, dark city, like loathsome renditions of the fictional Gotham City of the Batman DC comic book; or the city from the movie Dark City. I ran towards a bridge that seemed to be the way out of the city. The mob pursued. I ran onto the bridge and stood at its side, looking over the railing. A few inches under the surface of the water I saw my physical body lying in bed.

I looked back to see the mob fast approaching, and then back down to my physical body, and knew what I had to do. I jumped over the side of the bridge towards my body, passing through a portal to my awaiting body on the bed. As I dove towards the portal, I could see a multi-colored line of lights on the centerline of my body, which I surmised were my primary chakras.[6] The portal I went through seemed like a manhole in the ceiling of my room. As I fell into my body, I could see through the circular portal back into the dimension I’d just escaped. The portal faded from view as I reintegrated with my physical body.

The Girl and The Monster

I became semi-aware flying through a nonphysical dimension in formation with a group of nonphysical entities. I looked down and saw a beastly giant chasing a little girl, who was frantically running for her life. I flew towards them and imagined a bullwhip and used it to grab and thrash the giant about. After I’d thoroughly beaten him, to the little child’s delight, I imagined a giant pink seashell on which she sat, and I encased her in a yellow, translucent sphere of energy – it looked like a yellow pearl resting atop a pink shell, the girl sitting inside the pearl. I flew her home, tugging the shell along behind me by a thread of light. I brought her to her bed and body, and then went home to my own. I remember visiting her OBE several times, checking on her to make sure she was okay. She couldn’t have been much younger than me – I imagine I was about 10 years old at the time and she was about 5 or 6. It’s possible that I became to her what some adults would have called her “imaginary friend,” or “guardian angel,” and what others might call an invisible helper.


I was suddenly aware of being pommeled with batons by two short grey or silver colored demon-looking beings. One would hit me over the head, bending me forward. The other would hit me to the face, straightening me up. The first would hit me across the stomach, bending me over again, and then the other would hit me elsewhere; pummeling me around like a tennis ball. Amid the ruckus what I call “fail-safe” kicked in – I was suddenly catapulted back into my body, landing with a strong repercussion, as if every muscle of my physical body convulsed as I reentered. I was upset at the situation of getting so thoroughly beaten. I closed my eyes, relaxed, and intended to return, imagining what I remembered of the scene.

It was dark there, as if a closed room, or perhaps an alley. There was a single light source, up and a bit back. I materialized before the two beings; they appeared to be chatting and were visibly surprised to see me. I immediately went to taking my revenge. I’d beat on one, punching and kicking, while the other ran. I’d then snake my arm out, stretching it to catch and grab the runner, pull him in, and start beating him as the first ran, and then grab the first back. I continued this process until satisfied, took a glance around the area a bit, and then phased back into my physical body.

The Desert World

I was around 7 years old when I spent a week in The Desert World. I became aware in a world totally unlike the world we physically live in. The entire world was apparently a desert, with sand dunes visible beyond the meagre nearby manmade structures. I worked selling wares and pottery items on an outside table covered by canopy. When not working I lived in a small sand-colored dome and had my own room to one side of the dome, though I don’t remember any adults or parental figures. Initially I was surprised and taken aback at this place. It seemed like a dream I couldn’t awaken from. But after a few days there I thought that this waking physical world was the dream. My waking physical life seemed like some crazy dream so ludicrous to have believed. Things we take for granted, including much of the technology we have, seemed so farfetched and fanciful from my newly acquired perspective of the desert world. There were no cars, and no airplanes there. There were no computers, and no phones. There was no electricity.

After about the seventh night of sleep in the desert world I woke up there, and then I woke up again here. I thought several days had gone by here as well and was frantic to find my parents and let them know I was OK. When I found them, they seemed like nothing happened. School was in an hour. This all happened in one night! But it took several days of living here in this physical waking world to see the desert world as the “dream,” and this world as “real.”

Time, like space, is a relative construct, so experience of time in different dimensions don’t have to correlate – just like how some extraterrestrial craft can be only 30 feet across on the outside, but 100 feet across in the inside. My experience in this desert world was as real to me as my experience here in this reality where you read this book, an observation that can be used to question the reality of experience anywhere. We accept our habitual experiences to be so valid, and the things we encounter regularly as so commonplace and normal. Yet even in this world there are subsections of society that house an entirely different reality, such as so-called Native American shamanic cultures, deep within so-called black government projects, ancient monasteries or mystery schools, mystical or metaphysically oriented groups, or even life inside of prisons[7]. The perception and experience of reality we take to be “real” is only one example of “reality,” each version valid to those believing in that version.

Floating and Future Self

I haphazardly and unconsciously floated through the ceiling and roof during a spontaneous OBE. I had vague sensation and memory of passing through the ceiling and roof but became fully conscious several stories above the house, floating continuously higher. I alternated my view between the roof of the house and the expanse of outer space, with the certain and terrifying belief that I’d be lost in outer space forever! Suddenly, upwards and to the side, I saw me. A future OBE or spirit version of me was there hovering in the air, calmly watching. The calm and maturity and kindness and clarity from this future-self shook me out of my anxiety and fear, and I just silently watched him as he silently watched me. At some point I woke up in bed no worse for wear.

Street Walking

A recurring experience I had as a child was of walking down the street OBE. I’d become aware mid experience, simply walking down the block towards the corner, noticing a bluish-white monotone color to everything, and a ubiquitous fog or haze or mist. One time on the sidewalk about 1/3 of the way from the corner I saw two small troll- or Gremlin-looking beings, standing on either side of a tall structure. The structure may have been 8 to 12 feet tall, was oval, and was checkered with tiny red and black squares that constantly alternated their colors from red to black and back again. The two beings looked at me, while I looked at them and the structure.

I soon recognized that the structure was some sort of portal. I looked with my inner vision into the portal and saw that it connected to a multitude of other portals through a series of tube-like conduits. My perception was that I could have gone into the portal and exited at any one of the other portals. But I was too afraid to go through, fearing I wouldn’t be able to get back. I just looked curiously, and at some point, woke up in bed.

Place-There Shift

I used to imagine or dream about a nonphysical location like the inside of a volcano, filled with giant mushrooms. I concluded that I’d be able to go there through the out-of-body state, and I decided to focus on going there rather than general flying. I succeeded, suddenly becoming aware standing in this locale, amazed at how closely it resembled my imaginings. It was like seeing a real-life representation of something I’d only ever dreamt about. Over the years I’ve developed a few places to visualize and shift to for various reasons, mostly as an out-of-body experience technique or as a preparatory OBE practice.[8] One Place-There of mine was composed of several rings connected by several long hallways, all in a particular configuration. I equipped one room with a chalkboard to write on, to access to help me recall things in physical life, which I played around with only a bit.

As an interesting observation, after having it really built up and nice, I didn’t visit my ‘ring and hallway’ area for quite a while. When I finally went back, I found the objects of the place deteriorating. Several objects were an amalgamation of partially formed objects and inert energy. For instance, a tree would be half tree and half colorless, bland energy. The grass and the ground were in parts fading into inert energy. I have concluded that when we imagine, the inert energy of the nonphysical dimensions is affected, and with continued imagination are shaped by our intent into what we imagine. As we reimagine a locale the configuration is reinforced. We can travel to these areas we’ve made through imagination via OBE. But over time without consciousness reinforcing the imposed configuration reverts to its original formless, inert state. I’d later discover that this inert energy is the same substance that composes barrier zones separating the various nonphysical areas.

Multiple Bodied We

One brief but enormous experience was to become conscious hovering in the out-of-body state near the ceiling on the opposite side of my bedroom as a point or field of consciousness. I (as point of consciousness) could see over my bed a nonphysical body floating near the ceiling. On the bed I could see my physical body. I concluded that we travel in (at least) three different forms: 1) integrated into the physical body, 2) as a nonphysical body, and 3) as a point or field of consciousness apart from both the physical and nonphysical bodies. It seems that the consciousness-nonphysical body combo can leave the physical body, and the point or field of consciousness can leave both the physical and nonphysical bodies.

This experience foreshadowed what I’d read years later of Robert Monroe’s travels in Far Journeys; he describes detaching from his physical body with a nonphysical body, which he would leave hovering close to his physical body, as he then detached from his nonphysical body as a “curl” or point of consciousness, free of both bodies.

Danger Room

At one point I used to battle nonphysical entities. It started with the Freddy entity, and soon after I started to search for negative nonphysical entities to battle. I became aware mid-OBE in a small cube-shaped room, filled with the most hideous of creatures. Some looked like demons; others like monsters with a large tail protruding from their waists instead of legs. I materialized for myself a large golden sword of light, which manifested as a hilt progressively materializing a blade, as if an invisible sheath was being removed. When my sword finished materializing the fun began.


[1] I’d later learn that this shuddering experience upon fast reentry is very common, and is called a repercussion.

[2] This practice reminds me of a technique shared by Sylvan Muldoon, where one sits a glass of water out on the table and goes to bed thirsty and building up desire for the water. This is to motivate oneself to try to get water during an OBE and be alerted to conscious awareness. I’ve successfully used this “thirst technique,” as will be shared further on.

[3] I would later see a direct reference to this experience of three visiting beings standing in a semi-circle by researcher Dr. Karla Turner.

[4] Robert Monroe called these nonphysical packets of information rote. Darryl Anka experiences this as well through telepathic communication with the Essassani extraterrestrial race.

[5] See Chapter 4.

[6] Chakras and energy working will be discussed in Chapter 8.

[7] See Damian Echols’ Life After Death and Assata Shakur’s Assata.

[8] This and any other techniques you read about in these journals will be taught in Part Two.

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